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Recycling at CUA

CUA's partnership with Waste Management, North America’s largest residential recycler, is making recycling on campus easier and more efficient than ever. New recycling/composting bins have been installed in the Pryzbyla Center, and more are coming for other areas of campus. The recycling effort on campus is gaining momentum, with more eco-friendly measures planned for the future.


Recycling Monthly Report
Month Landfilled Recycled Composted Total
08/14 5.61T / 27% 15.16T / 73% NA 20.7T / 100%
09/14 95.23T / 60% 62.24T / 40% 3T 157.47T / 100%
10/14 87.24T / 62% 54.45T / 38%   141.69T / 100%


76.66T / 63% 45.96T / 37%  

122.62T / 100%

12/14 57.35T / 62%  35.29T / 38%    92.64T / 100%
1/15  64.21T / 60%  43.52T / 40%    107.73T / 100%
2/15 154.93T / 60% 101.46T / 40%   256.39T / 100%
3/15 80T/69% 31T/31%   111.9T/100%
4/15 80T/63% 48T/37% 8T 136.14T/100%
5/15 87T/70% 39T/30%   125T/100%
6/15 54T/56% 42T/44% 7T 96T/100%
7/15 53T/57% 41T/43% 3T 94T/100%
8/15 49T/51% 47T/49%   96T/100%
  99T/67% 49T/33%   148T/100%
/15 87T/54% 73T/46% 31T 191T/100%



This report will track how our campus recycling campaign is doing. Click on the date to see a PDF version of the full report for each month.


How Single-Stream Recycling Works

At CUA, paper, cans, bottles, and cardbaord all go into the same recycling bins. It all gets sorted and separated at Waste Management's material recovery facility in Elkridge, Md.

> Video of where CUA recycling goes

New Bins for Compost, Recycling, Landfill

Waste bins

The University has placed new receptacles in the Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center for food waste and other compostable material as well as recyclables and landfill waste.

> Photo gallery

What You Can Do

Recycling is a community effort. We need everyone to pitch in. Here are some ways you can help.

  • Learn what is recyclable and what isn't.
  • Separate all your trash – in residence halls, classroom buildings, offices, and especially in the Pryz.
  • Take part in Dining Services' Reusable Mug Program to reduce waste and receive a discount on coffee at Starbucks.
  • Participate in Dining Services' Reusable To-Go Container Program.
  • Skip the bag or bring your own to the Provision on Demand (P.O.D.) Market.
  • Get involved. If you're a student, find out how you can join the CUA Green Club. If you're staff or faculty, help raise awareness about sustainability in your office or department.
  • Take a course. There are numerous course offerings at CUA that address sustainability.